Application Process.MP4

Video of the contract and application process (no sound)

Click here to view the steps to complete the Residence Life Housing Contract and Application, and Roommate Search Process!

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Room Selection Process Video.MP4

Video of the roommate and room selection process (no sound)

To access your housing information via the Hastings College Housing portal, go to

To log into your housing self-service page, enter your HC username and password.

-Your Username is your Hastings College e-mail address, minus the Example:, self-service login would be -cessex.

-Your password is the same as your e-mail account password.

Off-Campus Application Process

Off-Campus Form: If you are a rising Senior or a student who has been approved to live off campus, you will be able to simply fill out the Off-Campus form on your housing self-service account as shown above. There is no need to fill out a paper copy.

Housing Application, Roommate, and Room Selection Process.pdf

Follow these 12 easy steps to sign up for Housing and find a Roommate.