Room Calendars and Reservations


Instructions for Gmail Calendar

Here you will be able to watch a short video that shows how to reserve rooms through your Gmail calendar. If you would like to check the availability of the room first, there are links at the bottom of this page for all the available room calendars. You can also click the "+GoogleCalendar" to add that room calendar to your personal calendar. If your event will require a special setup that your group will not able to facilitate, please submit a setup ticket at School Dude Setup Request>>. If you need assistance with audio or video for your event, please submit an IT help desk ticket at If your event will require extensive preparation, setup time, or catering needs, please fill out the following Event Form>>. We ask that you please submit all request at least two business days prior to your event. Details saved in the description portion of your event's calendar are not considered an official setup request. If you expect additional time for setup and cleanup, please reflect that in how much time you reserve for your event. Please submit through the proper channels in order for all parties to execute a successful event.

Booths in HSU Concourse

Individual tables used by student organizations in Hazelrigg Student Union do not have to be reserved. There are 6-foot rectangle tables stacked in Hazelrigg by the vending machines, and allocated for this purpose. Take what you need, then place back as you found them once you are finished. Any posters or flyers displayed in HSU need to be approved by the Office of Student Life.

Meeting Space Options Across Campus

Perkins Room(Room 200) in the Library. Seating for 16 when all combined.

Perkins Library 204. Equipped with a TV and hdmi cord. Seating for 8.

Perkins Library Room 209. Equipped with a TV and hdmi cord. Seating for 10 conference table with extra seats available.

Hazelrigg Presidents Dining Room. Equipped with a TV, Apple TV, and hdmi cord. Seating for 14 at conference table

Hazelrigg Room C. Equipped with a projector, Apple TV, and hdmi cord. Seating with round or rectangle tables is between 50 and 60.

Hazelrigg Rooms A and B combined. There is a projector, Apple TV, and hdmi cord on both ends of the room. Seating for 120 with round tables and a buffet.

Wilson Auditorium. There is a projector, Apple TV, and a HDMI cord, along with a microphone. Seating for 116

Room Reservation Contacts

Room Reservations

Many of our meeting spaces and classrooms have Apple TV's, projectors, and HDMI capabilities. In order to find the right meeting space for your needs, here is a list of what is available technology wise, and also seating capacity.

Website Room Information

Contact Eron Baker, Director of Dining Services.